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50 Educational websites

Hey Everyone,

starfall learn to read

Today we’ll be taking an look at some very nice web-based educational sites.  We’ll be covering 50 of those web-based offerings that I’ve divided into the categories of ELA, Math, Science, History, and then general educational sites. I’ve used all of these websites since I opened a summer tutoring program in 2011 and/or during homeschooling.  I’ve included a print button at the top. Next week we’ll explore some of the accessibility options in the iOS and Google platforms.

This blog entry 014 is entitled “50 Educational Websites 014″

ELA (English Language Arts)

“Starfall Fun Reading”

“Word Central, a Merriam-Webster site”

“Word Families-huge listing”

“Roy the Zebra Phonics Games”

“Story Line Online”

“Grade 2 Parts of Speech”

“Letter Blends”

“Songs and Videos to remember phonics rules”

“Spelling Match Game”

“Spelling with Spellits”

“Fun way for practicing Spelling and sounding out words”

“Grammar Games Compiled by a media Specialist”

“Listening and Reading Comprehension”

“Fun Brain Grammar”

“Free Rhyming Dictionary”

“Kindergarten Alphabet animated ebook”

“Alphabet writer guide with Spinner the Spider”

“Construct  a Word”


 “Adapted Mind: Math worksheets, videos, and practice”

“This site is full of resources”.

“Reading Time Exercise”

“Build Various Graphs”

“Coin Exchange Game”

“Great Exercise for Counting Money”

“Three levels of difficulty in telling time”

“Overview of analog clocks”

“Mathcast 500 Wiki: word problems”

“National Council of Teachers of Math:  Add and Subtract Grouping”

“100 Grid game- Paint Splat on right number”

“Educational Games on multiple levels and skills: This is one of my favorite clock games”

“Printable Math Tables”

Utah University Kid’s Math Project”

General Educational Apps

“Books Should be Free”

“Educational Games allowing Grade Selection”

“Educational Games: This Kids Math and Science gives great variety”

“Customizable Educational Games: Many Nice Choices”

“Excellent Huge source of free K-3 teaching printables”

“US Government Agency Kid’s Sites:

“Fact Monster”

“Educational Games”

“Brain Pop Jr for FUN: Learning and Educational Videos”

“Create your own interactive games”

Science and History

The Magic  Schoolbus-YouTube channel”

Be sure you go to and drag the  boxed Quietube up to your toolbar. Click on it before you click the YouTube play button and you will have no more ads or inappropriate YouTube stuff.

“Encyclopedia of Life”

“Great Games and Videos for tree-loving kids

“Great Science Discovery Site”

“Great Choices for Geography/Social Studies”

“Interactive Stellarium”

“Social Studies, Maps, and Geography Games”

“National Geographic for Kids”

“Science: What is”

“Read about animals and build their habitat”

Ok, I know you’ll enjoy exploring these sites! Have fun!

About Jeannie Bolstridge

At retirement age in 2009 I began an educational 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation to support teachers and parents of struggling young students. A certified therapy dog, peer-to-peer tutoring, and computer/mobile devices are the most successful supports I've found while tutoring. As of 2014, the corporation/nonprofit is voluntarily dissolved, but Max and Mrs B continue to make local appearances as always. We have plans to spread the joy of reading on the digital platforms too.

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    February 12, 2013

    This is the perecft post for me to find at this time

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